Bubble Frames – Rapid Prototype Wireframes (Ideas)

Whenever I start a new web project, I want to conceptualize, and fast. Ideas seem to flow at a rapid pace in short intervals, making it hard to capture everything. I’m a huge proponent of rapid prototyping. I want to take as many of those ideas as I can, build a quick prototype, take a step back and then carefully analyze everything.

The best ideas are born in those critical few moments that you rapid prototype. And over time, those ideas can be melded into something that is truly incredible.

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50 Ways to Get Web Site Content From Clients

One of the biggest pains in web design and development projects is getting the content you need. Content is no simple task. It needs to professionally crafted in a fashion that will communicate a meaningful message to visitors. The big problem, though, is that many web design clients just don’t deliver content at all. Or, at least not in a timely manner.

Below is my list of the top 50 tactics I use to assess the need for content, collect the content and communicate with the client about the content. This list has helped me finish more projects on time and develop web sites that not only look good, but deliver a strong message as well.

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Phasing Out Internet Explorer 6

Microsoft IE6 Must GoThe troubled little browser known as IE6 has been a thorn in the side of developers since it was first released over six years ago. It’s buggy, non-compliant and inflexible. To design a web site to work with IE6 requires either multiple hacks on the CSS side of things or extreme patience. (Just to note, I never used hacks to get something to work with IE6. Yes, I’m very proud of that.)

I don’t think anyone besides web developers can truly appreciate what a monstrosity IE6 has been. You think doing your taxes is bad? Try getting hundreds of lines of CSS code to work with a now antiquated browser that somehow still attracts a notable percentage of internet users.

But I think that’s about to end.

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