50 Ways to Get Web Site Content From Clients

One of the biggest pains in web design and development projects is getting the content you need. Content is no simple task. It needs to professionally crafted in a fashion that will communicate a meaningful message to visitors. The big problem, though, is that many web design clients just don’t deliver content at all. Or, at least not in a timely manner.

Below is my list of the top 50 tactics I use to assess the need for content, collect the content and communicate with the client about the content. This list has helped me finish more projects on time and develop web sites that not only look good, but deliver a strong message as well.

  1. Determine content needs before engaging project
  2. Use a questionnaire to probe client needs
  3. Review client’s print literature
  4. Discuss content with client before starting project
  5. Build an inventory of existing print and web content
  6. Develop wireframes pinpointing what content is needed where
  7. Guide the client on how to properly create web content
  8. Help your client delegate content responsibilities to the right parties involved
  9. Set your client up in a project management system
  10. Establish content milestones
  11. Have the milestones send automatic reminders before the due date
  12. Tie specific outcomes to the completion of content
  13. Create an ongoing, online discussion revolving around content
  14. Show the client examples of other, similar web sites with strong content
  15. Actually call the client to remind them of content needs
  16. Develop a sitemap and highlight areas where content is needed
  17. Develop a web site prototype shell with sample content so clients can visualize what the content will look like
  18. Help the client schedule specific times to work on content
  19. Determine whether or not a copywriter is needed before even creating the proposal
  20. Have a good source of freelance copywriters you can call upon
  21. Remind clients of the overall goals of the web site
  22. Check in on the client’s progress
  23. Brainstorm content ideas with the client
  24. Help the client think like a web site user
  25. Break content needs down into manageable chunks
  26. Setup a meeting solely to go over content
  27. Nail down the page structure before developing content needs
  28. Make content development exciting for the client
  29. Tie SEO benefits in with content development
  30. Plan for the need of a copywriter even if not budgeted
  31. Explain the time commitments needed for content to client before beginning project
  32. Communicate with the client through their medium of choice
  33. Make content relevant to each stage of the project
  34. Show the clients results of strong content from other projects
  35. Keep the client on task
  36. Have the client voice out what they think should go on specific pages
  37. Give the client specific, measurable and attainable content goals
  38. Help the client visualize the end result of their efforts
  39. Get advice from freelance copywriters in your social networks
  40. Get advice from other web designers
  41. Build content outlines so clients can fill in the rest
  42. Use simple tools such as Excel and Word
  43. Be realistic about the amount of content needed
  44. Have the client agree to content milestones you set for them
  45. Hold the client responsible for missed milestones
  46. Keep the client motivated
  47. Help the client see the ROI
  48. Figure out what it really is the client wants to accomplish
  49. Use the client’s truly desired end result as a carrot to finish content
  50. Communicate through multiple mediums about the content

 How do you get content from clients?

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