Goals for 2018

I like the idea of having a fresh set of goals for the new year. It’s like a reset, a clear starting block from which I can jump back into the race. With some goals already in mind for 2018, I thought it’d be effective from an accountability standpoint to share some of them on this blog.

Keeping on my writing

I started seriously writing nearly ten years ago. I wrote a couple of novels (for fun if you can believe it), launched a web project management blog, and wrote on this site. Then something happened. I got lazy. I stopped writing. This site endured months without a fresh post. I even removed the timestamps at one point out of embarrassment.

At the tail-end of 2017, I finally got back into writing. So far I’ve concentrated on keeping this blog up-to-date with my thoughts on the front-end and web project management fields, but I’d also like to revisit some of the more “fun” writing, like short stories and other creative endeavors (not sure I can make it back to novel-length writing journeys yet).

The Goal: Post at least twice a month to this blog.

Become comfortable with React

For the longest time I resisted learning new JavaScript frameworks. I felt I didn’t have the time or that it was way above my head or that it wasn’t relevant to my career goals.

I now realize React is not as complicated as I thought, and I know it’s a powerful tool that will really add to my career. I’ve already made a concerted effort to level up my React knowledge, a trend I fully intend on continuing into 2018.

The Goal: Build an app using React for the front-end framework

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Reading is another area I’ve let myself neglect. Books take me months, and I sometimes don’t even finish what I’m reading. I know I need to spend more time reading the books I want to read and so 2018 will be the year I get into the habit.

The Goal: Read at least one book a month.

Begin developing subject matter authority

Right now, this blog is a little bit meandering. That’s okay. It’s been only a couple of months since I rebooted the site.

However, I want to use 2018 to develop a passion for a specific area that I can focus on in this blog. It doesn’t necessarily have to be front-end or web project management related. I just want to find an area that gets me thinking and excited to write.

The Goal: Find a topic that I can write consistently about at least once a month.

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