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Legacy Project

Small detour into the past where I preview the designs I’m most proud of during my time as a web agency owner in the late 2000s.

Project Type Design, Web Project Manager


I debated whether or not to show this work. These designs represent the best of my talents while I ran a small web design agency in Manassas, VA. Looking back at these works today, I’m quite proud of them, even if they hail from an era of 960 grids and gradient overuse. These designs were born before the heavy use of WordPress plug-and-play templates. So these were created from the ground up, designed first in Photoshop and then later marked up with HTML, CSS and JavaScript into custom WordPress themes. So yeah, I’m proud of them!


These examples represent my early design achievements

I was also the project manager in charge of carrying these designs from idea to build

Most of these designs I built from scratch into a custom WordPress theme

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