Upload Flow

Legacy Project

Extending my role beyond front-end development, I’ve helped to evolve products, such as’s driver’s license upload flow.

Project Type Design, Wireframing, Prototyping

Overview is an identity verification company, focusing on providing an easy flow for users to prove who they are to various ecommerce vendors and government departments. An essential part of verification is the physical identification upload, which often takes the form as the driver’s license.

I worked with product and engineering to wireframe, iterate, design, and build a new, simpler flow that has resulted in reduced upload failures. My process for enhancing the flow followed these steps:

  1. Identify best practices and understand user pain points
  2. Review existing ID upload flows (for example, Airbnb)
  3. Use pen and paper to quickly wireframe the flow and process
  4. Iterate on the paper flow and increase the fidelity by using Sketch
  5. Continue to iterate and produce final designs in Sketch
  6. Build the flow into a working prototype for testing
  7. Fix bugs and release to production

Additional Screens


Iterated and improved a critical verification component

Reduced upload failures by making process clear

Worked across departments to achieve results

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