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Legacy Project

Potomac Local is a local news outlet that I built and help manage. The site serves content to hundreds of thousands of viewers every year.

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Project Type Design, Responsive HTML/CSS, PHP, WordPress


Potomac Local is a small, independent online news site dedicated to providing stories and facts for the Northern Virginia region. The owner, Uriah Kiser, began the site several years ago after leaving his job as a journalist in Manassas. His dream to operate his own new site has surpassed expectations, with Potomac Local growing to a readership for multiple hundreds of thousand unique pageviews on an annual basis.

My role in the site began in its early stages, and I continue to play a part in its development. I built the original site from scratch on WordPress, and over the years, I’ve morphed the site under Uriah’s direction to what it is today. I also setup the server environment, maintaining it over the years to handle the increasing traffic growth.

Potomac Local is an important part of my portfolio. The project has taught me how to maintain a site that attracts a huge audience, and it’s been a great way for me to continue to develop my WordPress expertise through theme development. In 2019, I handed over the reigns of the site to an agency better able to pave the way for Potomac Local’s growing vision.


Helped build and grow a high-visibility news site

Used HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, and PHP for the site’s architecture

Setup and continue to manage an Ubuntu server

Provide technical feedback and direction to the site owner

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