Waiting for the Perfect Time

I’ve spent a lot of my life waiting. Waiting in traffic, waiting in line, waiting for a friend. Waiting is never going to go away — it’s always going to be there.

But there are things we don’t need to wait on. Creativity, writing, adventures — none of those need to be constrained by waiting. But I do it all the time. I always wait for the perfect time to write a blog post (which, judging by the timestamps of my blog, is an apparent rare occasion…). I say to myself that I need to update my website first, that it must look better, that I must fix some feature before I can write. That’s all bogus. It’s an excuse not to write. And frankly, no one cares. It’s the content that matters, and to create content, you must write.

It’s hard not to wait. Procrastination is threaded within all of us. We rely on waiting to delay the hard work, to be lazy.

But how do you overcome this? I haven’t figured it out. I have, however, determined that one key is to pounce on creative juices when they start flowing. That’s why I’m writing this blog post now. I opened up my site and finally decided to update a couple of plugins. Then I looked at the past dates of my posts. They’re old — really old. Like two years old. And I told myself I should write a post. But it can wait — first, I need coffee, and then I need to work on this other task, and then I need to clean my desk. That’s when I have to say stop. I didn’t get that coffee and my desk is still a cluttered mess. Instead I chose to write, because the creativity is there, and it doesn’t happen often.

That’s the key I’m going to work with for now. When I feel like writing, I need to stop and write. The same applies for adventures or reaching out to people or learning a new skill — there’s never a perfect time to do any of those activities. You have to go with how you feel, and if you’re in that mood where you want to go on an adventure or emailĀ an old friend, you have to do it in that moment.

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