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3 Common Web Project Failures and 3 Ways to Fight Them

June 7, 2018

Project failure is not a matter of “if” but “when.” Failure will always occur, and it’s almost never pleasant. This is an unfortunate fact of projects–especially web projects. But knowing what types of issues might creep up in a project, and devising ways to prevent or alleviate them, can help soften the blow.

What are some of the common project failures? Let’s take a look.Keep Reading

Do a Little Instead of Nothing

April 3, 2018

There are a few things I didn’t want to do today. Things I felt I didn’t have time for; things I felt were not big enough priorities. I didn’t want to continue my ReactJS training. I didn’t want to work on a client project after my regular day job. I didn’t want to write this blog post.

Not wanting to do something is a common feeling. We procrastinate with the justification that our time is better spent doing something else—maybe even nothing.

But we’ve always been told procrastination is bad. And that’s true in most cases. Every time I delay working on a task I know needs to be completed, it sits at the back of my mind, eating away at my more productive thoughts.Keep Reading

How I Develop New Skills

February 22, 2018

The mid-2010s have led to an age of enlightenment for me. I left the web agency I had helped found, started freelancing on the side, and have been employed by two different companies as a full-time front-end engineer. In all of these positions, I’ve experienced what is now becoming an apparent skill curve.

The curve is not good.

The curve shows how my desire to acquire skills ramps up during times of change (i.e. getting a new job) and declines into a sad plateau of comfort (i.e. happily employed for more than a year).Keep Reading

Lessons Learned From My Time Running a Web Agency

February 1, 2018

I have never written extensively (or really at all) about my time as a web agency owner. Partly because I’ve never been a boaster, partly because it wasn’t all fun and glory—but mostly because it’s in my past and something I’ve been moving on from.

I make it sound great, don’t I?

There were phenomenal aspects to running a web design shop. I miss the days of being in complete control of projects, from the client kick-off meetings to designing and developing websites to managing meaningful relationships with small, local businesses. Those are the awesome parts of running a web agency. You help others grow their businesses and organizations, and you can see the direct impact your work has on your local area.

However, behind all that devotion is a business. And a business can be a nasty beast, waiting to claw at your heels. As a sort-of long-procrastinated post-mortem, I wanted to highlight some of my key takeaways from running that business.Keep Reading

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Working from Northern Virginia, I’ve been designing, building, and managing websites for nearly a decade. I’ve been involved in both large and small projects in multiple industries and fields. Through these experiences, some good—and some bad—I’ve grown to appreciate just what is possible on the web. I’ve coupled my experiences with a degree in Management from George Mason University.

Chris LeCompte 2014–Present

    Front-end development, design & product creation in the digital identity arena.

    Freelancer Forever–Present

    Web development, design & strategy for tons of awesome clients.

    CXO Advisory 2007–Present

    Complete web and product management for an investing site I run with my father.

    ACS Creative 2013–2014

    The front-end development guy for a small creative agency in Fairfax, Virginia.

    CAVENDO 2006–2013

    Web development, design & project management—taking care of all the clients at the small web agency I ran with a friend.

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