Enhancing the ID Verification Flow at ID.me

ID.me is a digital identity network that streamlines and secures the process of online identity verification. At time time of this project, an important element of this verification process was the uploading of a driver’s license. However, the previous implementation of this process experienced a high rate of upload failures, which affected user satisfaction and completion rates.


The primary aim was to design and build a new, streamlined ID upload flow to minimize upload failures and enhance the overall user experience.

Process Overview

  1. Identify best practices and understand user pain points
  2. Review existing ID upload flows
  3. Wireframe the flow using pen and paper
  4. Iterate and increase design fidelity using Sketch
  5. Produce final designs in Sketch
  6. Build a working prototype for testing
  7. Fix bugs and release to production

Detailed Steps

Identify Best Practices and Understand User Pain Points

  • Conducted user interviews and gathered feedback to identify the common issues users faced with the current flow.
  • Analyzed industry standards and best practices for ID verification to inform the new design.

Review Existing ID Upload Flows

  • Studied the ID upload processes of platforms like Airbnb and others known for their efficient verification systems.
  • Identified key features and user interface elements that contributed to a seamless experience.

Wireframe the Flow Using Pen and Paper

  • Quickly sketched out initial ideas and layouts on paper to visualize the new flow.
  • Iterated rapidly based on feedback and observations from the team.

Iterate and Increase Fidelity Using Sketch

  • Transitioned the best paper sketches into digital wireframes using Sketch.
  • Added more details and refined the flow through multiple iterations, incorporating feedback from product and engineering teams.

Produce Final Designs in Sketch

  • Developed high-fidelity mockups in Sketch, ensuring all design elements were polished and aligned with the overall user experience goals.
  • Included annotations and design specifications for developers.

Build a Working Prototype for Testing

  • Created an interactive prototype to simulate the new flow.
  • Conducted usability testing sessions to gather insights and identify any remaining pain points.

Fix Bugs and Release to Production

  • Collaborated with the engineering team to translate the designs into a functional product.
  • Addressed any bugs or issues that arose during the development phase.
  • Successfully released the new ID upload flow into production.


  • Reduction in Upload Failures: The new flow resulted in a decrease in ID upload failures, significantly improving the user experience.
  • Increased User Satisfaction: Feedback from users indicated higher satisfaction with the simplicity and efficiency of the new process.
  • Enhanced Completion Rates: There was an increase in the number of users completing the ID verification process, which positively impacted overall service usage.

The redesign of the ID upload flow at ID.me was a comprehensive process that involved understanding user pain points, leveraging best practices, and iterative design and testing. The successful implementation not only reduced upload failures but also enhanced the overall user experience, demonstrating the value of a user-centered design approach.