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Rapid Development of a Dynamic Newsletter Website for Northern Virginia Community College

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) faced an urgent need to quickly and effectively disseminate important information to faculty and staff on a daily basis. Timely communication was critical to keep everyone informed about health guidelines, operational changes, and other key updates. As the Associate Director for Web Services, I proposed the creation of a dynamic newsletter website to serve as a centralized platform for daily news and insights.

Building Solo Traveler’s Platform for Tour Operator Submissions and Travel Deal Management

Solo Traveler is the world’s premier digital publication dedicated to solo travel, providing tips, advice, and a comprehensive list of tours and cruises ideal for solo travelers. They also host a vibrant community for solo travelers to share experiences, tips, and encouragement. To further enhance their platform, Solo Traveler needed a system that would allow tour operators to submit their company profiles and travel deals with ease.

Optimizing CXO Advisory’s Online Financial Research Repository

CXO Advisory is a highly respected online repository for financial research, established in 2005. The site hosts a wealth of articles on various financial topics, such as stock market momentum and technical analysis performance. By 2010, CXO Advisory transitioned to a subscription model, offering premium content and proprietary market models and signals to its members.

Enhancing the ID Verification Flow at is a digital identity network that streamlines and secures the process of online identity verification. At time time of this project, an important element of this verification process was the uploading of a driver’s license. However, the previous implementation of this process experienced a high rate of upload failures, which affected user satisfaction and completion rates.

Developing an Event Scorecard Tool for 360 Live Media

360 Live Media is an award-winning marketing, strategy, and experience agency specialized in helping industry associations reach their target audiences. Known for their innovative guides and tools, the agency identified a need for a new resource: an event scorecard to assist associations in evaluating and improving their event management practices.

Reflecting on My Journey as a Web Agency Owner: Lessons Learned

I rarely delve deeply into my experiences as a web agency owner. It’s partly because I’m not one to brag, partly because the journey wasn’t all fun and glory, but mostly because it’s a chapter I’ve moved on from. I know, I make it sound so enticing, right?

Managing Project Risks: Understanding and Mitigating Common Failures

Project failure is not a question of “if,” but “when.” This harsh reality is challenging to accept in project management. Regardless of detailed planning, robust resources, or an experienced team, the complex and unpredictable nature of projects makes some form of failure inevitable.

How to Strategically Determine Project Priorities

In today’s fast-paced business environment, prioritizing projects can be daunting. Effective time and resource management requires a clear strategy for assessing project priorities. Here are three key factors to help make informed decisions about project prioritization.